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Reports in the administration tool


Under the main menu Organisation in the administration tool, there is a function for extracting reports.

The purpose of the function is primarily to show the approval rules in a clearer way than is possible in the functions where the rules are maintained.

In addition to the approval rules, there are also reports that show the organization regarding its roles and users linked to each role.

Types of reports

Open the Organisation-Reports menu option and the following forms will appear:

The following reports are available in the drop-down list:


Approval access rights Users/Roles/Objects

Shows all users, what roles they belong to, and what approval rights each role has.
Approval access rights Objects/RolesShows object values for the basic approval rues and which roles have approval rights for each object value.
Approval access rights Objects/Roles/UsersShows as above but also supplemented with users belonging to each role.
Approval access rights Roles/Users/ObjectsShows per role, which users belong to the role and which object values the role and the users have the right to approve.
Approval access rights Roles/ObjectsShows per role which object values the role has approval rights for.
Approval access rights Roles/Special approval rulesShows per role which special approval rules the role has approval rights for.
Approval access rights Special approval rules/RolesShows per special approval rules which roles have the approval right.
Organisation Users/Roles/CompaniesShows per user which roles the user belongs to, and which company each role belongs to.

Organisation Companies/Roles/Users

Shows per company whose roles are linked to the company, as well as which users belong to each role.
Organisation Roles/Users/CompaniesShows per role which users belong to the role and which companies to which each user belongs

View report in the administration tool

To view a report, select the report from the drop-down list and click View.

View report in Excel

All reports can also be opened for presentation in Excel, select the Show report in Excel check box and then click the View button.