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Touchless automation

What is Touchless Automation?

The purpose of Touchless automation is to provide the ability to send invoices through the verification step directly into the workflow without manual approval.

Touchless automation is activated manually per supplier and company, if the system can interpret all values correctly, the invoice is sent directly to the workflow - interpreted according to the learning you have put in place. Should Capture be unsure of any of the fields in the interpretation, an invoice will stay in Verification for manual checking, even if Touchless automation is enabled.

Activating and deactivating Touchless

If you want to activate/deactivate Touchless automation on a supplier, follow these steps:

  1. Open any of the invoices in Capture Verification (does not matter which supplier).
  2. Note the current invoice supplier.
  3. Switch to the supplier for which you want to activate/deactivate Touchless.
  4. Click on the settings icon (gear) next to the Supplier field to open the Supplier settings panel.
  5. Set the Touchless automation to the desired mode (Activate / Deactivate).
  6. Close Supplier settings and the changed setting for that supplier will now be saved.
  7. Switch back to the original supplier for the current invoice.



Statistics for the supplier

  • Correct
    The percentage of invoices that showed no warnings and were not corrected in the last 60 days.
  • Touchless
    The percentage of invoices that would have been sent directly to the workflow if Touchless automation had been enabled in the last 60 days.