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Import configuration

The import configuration is used in cases where the documents to be archived within the a category/document type are to be imported (documents/files and associated metadata) - e.g. from a scan- interpretation system.


Only metadata files with character-separated text format are supported. Fixed length file formats are not supported.

Import with transfer fileHere it is specified whether an import configuration is to be applied for the current category/document type, ie. this must be selected in order to be able to define fields and import configuration for the category/document type.
Name of transferfileEnter the name of the metadata file to be imported here.
Path to transferfileHere the path to the place where the metadata file is to be retrieved from by the import function is specified.
Path to image filesHere is the path to the image files/documents that belong to the metadata file to be imported.
DelimiterHere you specify the type of delimiter that should be present between the fields in the file.
Number of delimitersHere you specify how many delimiters should be in the file.
File delimiterHere you specify the type of delimiter that should exist between the files/documents referred to in the metadata file.
Mail addressHere is the e-mail address to which the system will send e-mail if the import of metadata files fails.

New import field

When the above fields are filled in, click on New import field to create/define resp. field in the transfer file.

Transfer file fieldIndicates whether the field is active or not
DescriptionEnter the description of the field (name of the value expected in the field)
Position in fileEnter the position in the transfer file where the field is expected to be.
Default valueEnter possible default value for the field.
Target fieldThe current import field in the transfer file is mapped to an existing field on the current category in the contract application.

Then create and link all the fields that are to be included in the transfer file according to the created import configuration in the same way.

Import error

The document imports rejected by the import function for the possibility of correction and a new import attempt are displayed here.

Invalid rowsHere is a list of all rows, that have failed during import.
Error messageWhen selecting a row in the list of incorrect rows, the error message is displayed in clear text with a description of why the transfer file could not be imported.
Row dataThe contents of the selected row are displayed here for the possibility to edit/correct the row.

Handling of incorrect rows in Import error

Delete row
Delete incorrect row
Correct row
Used to save a corrected row and make a new import attempt.
Import all rows
If several rows are stuck in the import due to an error in the configuration, all of these, when the error is adjusted, can be loaded at the same time instead of being corrected one by one.