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By creating categories, a rough division and classification of the documents to be archived can be achieved. It can e.g. consist of agreements, product descriptions, projects, etc.

Create/change categories

To show existing categories, first select company and unit in the drop-down lists at the top of the page

Click the View button to view a list of existing categories. Using the Name and Description fields, you can narrow down the selection of the categories you want to view.

  • To edit an existing category, click on the current category, and the category form will appear.
  • To create a new category, click the New button and the form for creating a new category will appear.

NameEnter the name that will identify the category.
DescriptionEnter a supplementary description of the category.
The category is connected to companyHere you choose which company this category belongs to. A category can only belong to one company. If there is only one company in the system, this company is automatically selected.
UnitChoose which unit or units the category should be linked to. A category must belong to at least one unit but can be linked to several units.

Read more about the Import configuration section in the Import chapter.


Only agreements belonging to the category Vendor Agreements are visible via the Agreements button in MediusGo.


To delete a category, click it in the list, and then click Delete.