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The Queue page is used to create the work queues to be used for document registration via the main menu function Register from Queue.

To view existing queues, first select the company in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Click the View button to view a list of existing queues. Using the Name and Description fields, you can narrow down the selection of the queues you want to display.

  • To edit an existing queue, click on the queue in the list and the form with the properties of the current queue will appear.
  • To create a new queue, click the New button and the dialog box for creating a new queue will appear.

Information to enter on the form

NameEnter the name that identifies the queue.
DescriptionEnter a supplementary description
Display orderHere is the order in which the current queue is to be displayed if there are several queues to choose from when registering.
Document pathHere, the network path to the server directory is specified, where the current documents/files to be registered must be when registering from the current queue.
The queue is connected to companyHere is the company to which the queue belongs. NOTE!: a queue is defined at company level and can't be linked to only a given unit within the company in question.
RolesHere it is stated which roles should have authorization/access to the current queue.


Delete a queue by clicking on it in the list and then clicking Delete.