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When a document is to be registered in the archive, a number of concepts must be linked to the document to enable efficient retrieval.

These properties are defined as fields and are linked to either a category or document type. Which of these "levels" the field should be connected to depends on the type of property in question.

To show existing fields, first select company and unit in the drop-down lists at the top of the page

Click the View button to view a list of existing fields. Using the Name, Description, Category, and Document Type fields, you can narrow down the selection of the fields you want to display.

  • To edit an existing field, click on the current field and the form for the field will appear.
  • To create a new field, click the New button and the form for creating a new field will appear.

Information to enter on the form

NameEnter the name that identifies the field.
DescriptionEnter a supplementary description.
Field type

Select the type of field in question. The following options are possible:

  • Note: field for writing on several lines
  • Date: written in the format yyyy-mm-dd
  • Date (deadline): used to register a deadline for when a document becomes invalid or when the system is to remind of renewal or termination etc. of the document.
  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Yes/No: check box
  • List: add values displayed in a drop-down list. The following fields appear on the form:

    Enter a value in the Value box and click Add. To change a value, select it in the Values drop-down list, make the change in the Value text box and click Change. To delete a value, select it and click Delete.
  • Link
  • Text
  • Time: written in the format hh:mm:ss

Display orderHere is the order in which the current field is to be displayed in the registration/search form.
Active in output file (search result)Here you specify whether the field should be active when choosing to export the search result to file.
Position in output file (search result)Here you specify the position that the field should have when choosing to export a search result to a file.
Read onlyFields with an interpreted value that cannot be changed
RequiredMarked if the field must be filled in
The field is connected to companyHere you choose which company the field should be connected to. A field can only be linked to a company.
CategoriesIf you want to link the field to categories, select here which category or categories the field should be linked to. A field can be linked to several categories.
Document typesIf you want to link the field to document types, select here which document type or types the field should be linked to. A field can be linked to several document types.


A field can only be linked to either one/several categories or one/several document types. However, a field can belong to several different categories, or several different document types.


To delete a category, click it in the list, and then click Delete. A field used by archived documents can not be deleted, then click on Disable and the field will not appear the next time you register a document but remains on the documents that are already in the system.