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Split invoice

If an invoice is to be paid in part, it is possible to split it into several invoices.

Start by going to the Administration tool, menu item System configuration - System settings, tab Functions. Locate the UseInvoiceSplit parameter and set it to Yes.

The feature is now available in the Inspection, Approval, and Investigation steps.

Split invoice

Splitting an invoice is done in two steps, where the distribution can be done in inspection, approval, and invoice exceptions review and the actual creation of new invoices is done in invoice exceptions review.

Distribute the invoice amount

  1. Open the invoice you want to split and click the button  at the top of the page.

    The following form opens:

  2. Enter how many invoices you want to split the invoice into and click Split invoice.

    The Net amount of the invoice and the Sales tax will be distributed among the number of invoices you have entered, with each row representing a specific invoice.

    The amounts and due date can be edited on each row. The Sales tax is automatically calculated from the row amount but can be adjusted if needed. A row must contain either the Net amount or the Sales tax, or both, to be saved, i.e. both fields cannot be 0.00.

    Any remaining amount is shown in red under each column. The entire invoice amount must be distributed for the invoice to be split.

  3. Write a message and click Save.

  4. The Split Invoice icon will be highlighted in red to indicate that the split has been made and the invoice can only be sent to Exceptions review where the split is completed.

Delete rows

Check the checkbox to the left of the rows you want to delete and click Delete.

If you delete all rows, you will return to the beginning and enter the number of invoices you want to create as above.

Create new invoices

In Exceptions review the the split is completed, which means that the original invoice is canceled and several smaller sub-invoices with new case and invoice numbers are created.

To make the split, click on Forward. The only option available is Cancel and split the invoice, write a message, and click OK.

  • The original invoice is canceled with the system message that the invoice is split and the new invoice ID of the sub-invoices.
  • The partial invoices, equal in number to the number of rows on the split form, go to New invoice review with the original invoice number + suffix _1, _2, etc. 
  • The status message on the sub-invoices indicates how many sub-invoices have been created and the invoice ID of the original invoice.

The partial invoices are then forwarded in a normal flow.

Remove split

If a split is incorrectly added to an invoice, it can be removed, before the invoice is canceled, by:

  1. Click   to open the form.
  2. Click on the top left checkbox to select all rows.
  3. Click on Delete, the rows will be removed and you will return to the original form.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. The icon  will turn black again to show that there is no split on the invoice.