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View appendices

If there are appendices to an invoice, you can see this on the invoice image in the WorkQueue window and the Invoice window. If there is more than one page, you can browse the appendices by clicking >.

Add appendix

All users can add appendices and modify and delete appendices added by the user. Changing and deleting appendices added by other users requires special authorization, read more about this in the article Managing appendices

To add a document as an appendix to an invoice, or to view existing appendices, open the invoice and click onin the upper part of the window. The number of appendices belonging to the invoice is displayed on the button.

A form opens showing which appendices, if any, are already attached to the invoice. Click on a line and the image appears in the right part of the window.

Close the appendices form with the cross in the upper right corner.

Existing appendices are also displayed in the Invoice window and the Workqueue window, read more about this in the article Invoice image.

To add a new appendix, click the Add button and the following form opens:

Choose file

Click on and a dialog opens to select documents to add to the invoice.

These file formats can be added as an appendix:

  • bmp
  • docx, doc
  • gif
  • html, htm
  • jpeg, jpg
  • pdf
  • png
  • rtf
  • tif
  • txt
  • xlsx, xls

The file can be a maximum of 10MB.

Document type

There are two document types to choose from. Appendix is used for internal appendices such as receipts or notes. Invoice is used for appendices that belong to the invoice itself, such as invoice specifications. 

Change document type

Change the document type of an appendix by selecting it in the list and click Edit. It is only possible to change appendices added by the user. Changing other appendices requires separate authorization, read more about this in the article Managing appendices.

Delete an appendix

Removing appendices is done via the Delete button, note that normally a user can only remove the appendices that the user has added to the invoice. If other appendices are to be removed, separate authorization is required, read more about this in the article Managing appendices.