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Labels in the Invoice window

The Invoice Window Labels feature is used to label invoices to make them easier to find.

Click the button at the top of the invoice window to select a label.

Standard labels

There are six standard labels in different colors that can be used by checking the box on the left. The label will then be displayed on the label button in the invoice window and in a separate column on the invoice in the Workqueue window.

Tips for selecting a label:

  • Filter the list by typing in the text box.
  • Select all labels in the list by clicking Select all.
  • Remove previously selected choices by clicking on Clear selection.

Create your own labels

It is also possible to create your own labels by clicking on the plus sign next to one of the default labels.  Creating labels is a role permission, read more about this below.

On the form that opens, you can then enter the text you want on the label.

For the label to be available in all companies, check the System label box. If you leave the box empty, the label is only available in the company to which the invoice belongs.

To change or remove a label from the list, click on the pencil next to the label in the list. This is also regulated as a role permission.

Labels in the Workqueue window

In the Workqueue window, it is possible to display only invoices with a specific label. 

Click on the button on the right side of the page and select the label in the drop-down list. By default system labels are shown in the list in the filter, to see/select company-specific labels you need to first select the company in the filter.

Permissions for Labels

Permissions for creating/removing labels are set at the role level.

Go to Organisation - Roles and open the role that should have the right.

The right to create/edit/delete labels is given per company and is set at Role properties for company - Other access rights.

  1. Select company on the tab The role's companies
  2. Click on the tab Other access rights
  3. Check the box Label Right

If the role's users, in addition to the above right to create/modify/delete labels, should have the right to make the labels available in all companies, the Label right (installation) box is checked at the top of the role form. This means that the System label box is available to these users when a label is created.