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If you want to follow an invoice in the flow regardless of who it is with, you can use the Bookmark function.

Open the invoice you want to follow and click the button at the top of the invoice window and a form will open:

Click the star to bookmark the invoice and a list of all your bookmarked invoices will be created on the form:

You can then switch to another bookmarked invoice by clicking on it in the list.

Bookmarks in the Workqueue window

Click onon the far right under the Filter button.

A window opens similar to the one in the invoice window:

Click on the invoice you want to view.

Delete bookmarks

In both the Workqueue window and Invoice window, you can check the box next to the invoices you want to remove the bookmark on and then click.

In the Invoice window, if you want to remove the bookmark on the open invoice, you can also click on the blue star on the bookmark form.