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Reporting expenses, entertainment and mileage

Register expenses

Click on the plus sign and select New expense.

The camera view opens and you can now photograph your receipt. By clicking on the image cropping symbol, you can activate the cropping function, which means that the background is removed and that only the receipt is included in the image.

It is also possible to add a receipt image later or add an already taken receipt image from your image library or download a digital receipt via the Savings Receipt service. Click Cancel or Backward Arrow when the camera view opens to bring up these options.

The receipt is analyzed and the expense category, amount, tax, date and currency are suggested automatically.

Check the suggested information that the app interpreted from the receipt. Is there anything that needs to be changed? Then tap on the field that needs to be changed and fill in the information manually.

Fill in the remaining information about the expense in the respective field and expense category if the app has not done it for you.

The information fields you need to fill in are set by the person who administers the settings for the organization you are spending for.

NOTE! If the organization uses a control number, there is a unique number for each receipt registration and it can be seen in the camera view. Then write that number on the receipt before it is photographed.

Reporting entertainment/hospitality

Tap the plus sign and select New expense.

Add the receipt as described above.

Check the information the app suggests and select the correct expense category based on whether it is internal or external entertainment/hospitality.

Specify the type of entertainment/hospitality your expense relates to for, example, lunch, dinner, coffee, or something else.

Enter how many guests were there. Tap Plus to add more guests. You can also attach a guest list if you don't want to enter each guest's details manually. You do this by adding an attachment (Bilagor) at the bottom of the screen.

Reporting mileage

Tap Plus and select New mileage.

Enter your trip details.

Your organization determines compensation per kilometer and the vehicle types you can select.
Is the compensation wrong or is your vehicle type not available? Let your organization's administrator know.