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Expense in New MediusGo

To fetch expense reports in MediusGo, the vendors must be marked as Expense card suppliers in the MediusGo vendor register.

To do this, go to the Administration tool - Base register - Vendors - Vendors.

Open the current vendors and check the Expense card supplier box.

There are two ways to retrieve expense reports and link them to invoices in MediusGo either in a bundle or for a single invoice.

Fetch expense reports in a bundle

In New Invoice Review, under the invoice list, there is the button Fetch expense reports.

Click on it and a message will be displayed with the number of invoices in the bundle.

Click Fetch and a new message will appear when the retrieval is complete.

If an invoice is not updated, the reason for this is displayed for each invoice under the heading Show invoice.

All invoices that have been updated with expense reports are automatically labeled Expense-coded.

If you want to see these in the invoice list, click on Filter for updated invoices, and a filter is then added to the invoice list that only shows these invoices.

Filter the retrieval of reports

If you want to retrieve expense reports for one company at a time, use the Filter function on the right.

Get the expense report for an individual invoice

When you open an invoice, in the top right corner, you will find the button

If it is not active, it means that the vendor is not marked as an Expense card supplier in the vendor register.

Click on the button and the report is fetched. When the retrieval is complete, the label Expense-coded is applied to the invoice.

If for any reason the retrieval cannot be completed, a message will be displayed explaining the reason.

Direct link to Expense

Click in the black menu column to access the administration part of Expense.