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Functions in the left menu


Overview is displayed first whenever you log in. Overview is where you can see which expenses and expense reports you haven't yet submitted. You can also create expenses and expense reports here.

New expense

Clicking New expense in the left menu to create a new expense works just as well as clicking the plus sign in Overview.

Expense reports

Under Expense reports, you see information about all your ongoing and previously submitted reports.


In Todo you can find a list of tasks that need your attention. For example, if you have emailed a receipt that needs to be assigned to an organization, you'll see it here. In Done, you can see the tasks you have completed. If you are an expense report approver, Todo will show you when you have expense reports to approve.


All the messages you receive via the service are stored here.


Settings enable you to configure your personal user account. You can change your language and date format as well as manage your password and email address. You can also add or change your profile picture. 

Settings is where you can activate automatic interpretation of your receipts. When enabled, the app automatically scans and records amounts, tax, and dates on receipts you photograph.

You can also enable and disable automatic tax calculation. When it's enabled, the app automatically calculates tax on your expenses after you've entered the total amount. 

Email receipt

From here you can forward any receipts you receive by email to Keep in mind that you must send the receipt from an email address associated with your MediusGo Expense user account. You can add more email addresses by using your web browser to sign in to MediusGo Expense and go to Settings and enter them in Additional email addresses.