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Roles and approval rights

Each company to which a role belongs can be assigned different characteristics and permissions. To grant the role approval rights first, select the company on the Role's company tab on the role form and then go to the Approval rights tab.

Details on how to find the tab can be found in the article View/Edit/Delete Roles.

The attributes that can be specified in the Approval rights tab are as follows:

Maximum approval rights per invoiceEnter an amount or unlimited through the check box. This feature means that a role's approval rights can be limited per invoice. The system can thus prevent a user from approving an invoice where the user's role has a sufficient amount limit on coded values but where the total amount of the invoice exceeds this sum.
General approval amountSpecifies a general amount limit that the role is allowed to approve up to and including. The amount is used in the function to administer approval rights per approval object as shown below.
Approval rights per code partUsed to specify per approval object, for which values the current role has approval rights and the amount limit for this. The drop-down list shows the dimensions configured in the system to be the approval object.

Approval rights per code part

When the approval dimension is selected in the drop list, the underlying list shows the selectable values available for the chosen dimension. To assign the role the approval rights to a value, mark the value and specify the amount limit via the function:

  • General amount: this refers to the general amount registered on the role as above.
  • Unlimited amount
  • Specified amount: enter an amount in the Amount box and add the new value by clicking the> button.
  • Value: here you can specify an approval value with % or * as a wildcard. For example, type 3% and the role has the right to approve all values starting with 3 in the current dimension, type just % and the role has the ability to approve all values in the current dimension.

Add the new value by clicking the> button

To change e.g. the approval amount on an existing value for a role, first remove the dimension value and then add it again.

To delete, select the current value in the right list and click the <button. Approval rights can also be administered under the menu option Approval rules-Approval rules.