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Create new role

The purpose of roles is to use these to assign users properties and permissions, rather than setting the permissions directly on the user. This makes the administration easier in the event of personnel changes, as it is only the member of a role that needs to be replaced instead of re-administering all the characteristics of a successor.

Create a new role

A new role is created by going to Organisation-Roles in the administration tool and clicking on the button at the top of the page.

The following forms will be displayed:

The form is based on 3 main levels:

  • Role information: name and description of the role
  • The role's companies, users and queues: the companies, users and queues that belong to the role
  • Role properties of companies: characteristics of the role within each company.

When all information about the role is entered, the information is saved by clicking the Save button.

Basic information about the role

As basic information on the role, both Name and Description are required.

  • Account owner: The users in a role marked as Account Owner will have access to sensitive information about your installation, such as the license. NOTE! Only used in New MediusGo, i.e. if you log in via
  • Label right (installation) check box permits the role to make labels available in all companies when they are created. The right to create labels is given on the Other access rights tab under each company.

The role's companies, users and queues

In the section The role's companies, users and queues, the role can be linked to companies, users and queues.

The Role's companies tab lists the legal entities to which the role is linked. To add and remove companies on the role, select the Add/Delete companies tab.

Select one or more companies in the Selectable companies list and add them by clicking the> button. Remove companies from a role in a similar way, by selecting one or more companies in the Selected companies list and removing them by clicking the <button.

Copy companies

If a role is to belong to several companies, and has all or part of the same characteristics in the companies, this can be easily handled through the function on the Copy companies tab.

The list Select company to copy from lists the companies to which the role already belongs.

In the Select companies to copy to list, all companies to which the user already belongs, as well as all other companies in the installation, are displayed.

This allows copying to be made both to a new company for the user, and to one of the companies to which the user already belongs.

1. Select the company in the list whose properties are to be copied.

2. Select which information to copy by ticking one or more of the options

  • Everything: Means that all properties that the role has on the selected company, regarding the tabs under the heading Role properties for companies will be copied to the new company.

Approval rights

  • General approval amount
  • Maximum approval amount per invoice
  • Approval objects

Report and Search access rights

  • Search access rights
  • Report access rights

Special approval rules

  • Special approval rules


  • Administration rights

Other access rights

  • Label right
  • Block invoice payment
  • Change coding without deleting approval signature
  • Confidential
  • Accounts
  • General templates
  • Contract rights
  • Restart already processed invoice
  • Manage appendices
  • Move invoices to investigate

3. Select to which company (s) the selected company's information should be copied to by selecting them in the Select companies to copy to list.

4. Perform the copying by clicking the Copy button.

Connect users to role

To assign a role to one or more users, the Role's users tab is used.

To add one or more users to the role, select them in the Selectable users list and add them to the Selected users list by clicking the> arrow.

Searching for users can be done by entering all or part of the signature / first name / last name.

Connect the role to one or more queues

To assign a role to one or more queues, the Role's queues tab is used.

The tab has the same function to add/remove queues to the role described in the function to remove/add users to the role as above.

Queues can also be managed under the Organisation-Queues menu.

Role properties of companies

Permissions of the role are set on companies and made on the lower tabs on the form. On The Role's Companies tab, select a company and make the settings on the tabs:

  • Approval rights: What amounts and the coding values the role should be entitled to approve.
  • Report and Search access rights: If the role has the right to see reports and which invoices should be able to search.
  • Special approval rules: Which special approval rules should the role have the right to attest to.
  • Coding rights: If the role should only be able to code certain values, it is set here.
  • Administration: If the role should have rights in the administration tool, it is set here.
  • Other access rights: Here are permissions for i.a. confidential invoices, templates and attachments.