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Roles and coding rights

Limitation of the code plan that a user has access to use when coding invoices is made via the role form's tab Coding rights.

Which dimensions that can be limited are controlled via the administration of resp. dimension properties. This is made in the System configuration - Coding String function.

Open the dimension in question and check the box "Filter the coding values depending on role settings"

Then go to Organisation-Roles and open the role. Select the company the coding rights should apply to on the tab Role's companies and click on the tab Coding rights.

Details on how to find the tab can be found in the article View/Edit/Delete Roles

Click on the tab for the dimension the role should be able to code on and select the values in the Selectable box and move them to the Selected box with the> button

In the Value box, it is possible, with wildcards, to insert a range of coding values. An example of this is, on the account tab, type 6% and click the> button. This means that all accounts starting with 6 are selected without having to move each value individually.