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Add Substitute

The rights you inherit from the person you are replacing are as follows:

  • Companies
  • Queues
  • Approval rights, but it is your own signature that is used on the coding rows
  • Right to see confidential invoices of the person you are replacing
  • Coding rights specified on role forms
  • Change coding in control after approval without losing the approval signature
  • Set payment block on invoice

The substitute keeps their own search and administration rights.

How invoices are handled by substitutes is described in the article Handle invoices as a substitute.


If you are a substitute for other users, your substitute will be a substitute for them as well.

There are two different ways to add a substitute for a user in the application.

For users


Click on Settings in the black column on the right and select the Substitutes tab.

What users are allowed to do regarding replacements is controlled by the AllowCreateReplacer parameter (System Settings - Functions). If the parameter is set to No, the substitutes must be created in the administration tool and the user can only change their date range by clicking the Change button.

If the parameter AllowCreateReplacer (System settings - Functions) is set to Yes, the user will be able to add and delete replacements as follows:

Adding replacements

Note that a user can only add replacements for themselves, not for other users.

  1. Click the +New button and search for the user who will replace you.
  2. Select the user in the list
  3. Enter the date and click OK

Change the period for the substitute

  1. Select the substitute you want to change
  2. Click on Change
  3. Fill in the new dates 

Delete substitutes

  1. Select the substitute you want to delete
  2. Click on Delete

For administrators

In the administration tool, the users who have access rights to roles can administer replacements for other users.

  1. In the black column on the right, click Organisation and Substitutes.
  2. Then click +New at the top of the page.
  3. Enter which user to be replaced and which user to be the substitute.
  4. Enter a date range and click Save.

Read more about the administration of substitutes in the article Substitutes in the administration tool.