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Change password


This article does NOT apply if you are logging in via "https:/ /" or "https:/ /[xxxxx]".

For you, the only way to change your password is to use the Forgot your password? link on the login page.

If you are logging in via or, there are several ways to change your password if necessary.

For Users


In the black column on the right, click Settings and select the General tab. Click the Change password button, fill in the form with a new password and click Save.

The login page

If the UsePasswordReset parameter in the administration tool is enabled, there is a link on the login page called Forgot your password?. Click on the link and you will come to a page where you will enter both username and email address. For security reasons, you must enter the e-mail address registered in the administration tool, ie the address where you will receive mail on new invoices to process.

You then receive an email with a link, by clicking on that link you will come to a page where you can enter a new password and login.

For administrators

In the administration tool, there are two different ways to give a user a new password. The easiest thing is to go to Organization - Users and click View. Locate the current user in the list, enter a new password directly in the Change Password field, and click Save.

A second option is to click on the user to open the form and enter a new password in the Password field. If you want to force the user to choose his or her own password, here is the option to check the box for One-time password. This means that a form will be opened to change the password the first time the user logs in.