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Invoice image

In the the invoice application invoice window, the invoice image is presented in the left part of the window. There are three options for presenting the invoice image:

Configuration of image settings

Configuration of which image setting to use is easily done by the user via the black menu icon for personal settings:

When clicking on the icon, the following form is displayed and under the General tab there is a check box for choosing whether to insert plug-in software or internal image display.

There are also options to convert TIFF and XML images to PDF files, as well as using the built-in pdf reader.

The invoice application internal image management

The following features are available in the invoice application internal imaging:

The invoice image is enlarged by clicking on the image. The magnification opens in a separate window which is centered on the point on the image where you click. Enlarged image can be moved sideways via scroll bars, and closed via the cross in the upper right corner.


Rotation of the invoice image is done via the buttons at the top left of the image viewer.


Click the Print button in the upper right and a new printable page opens.

Other functions

By right-clicking on the image, the following menu is displayed with several functions (also available by right-clicking on an enlarged image):

  • Copy: The invoice image can be copied to Clipboard via Copy
  • Save: The invoice image can be saved by selecting Save image as.
  • Send as e-mail: The invoice image can be sent as an attachment in e-mail via the option Send picture in e-mail.

Specific functions of the plugin Alternatiff

We recommend the plugin which can be downloaded from

Below is shown how invoice image and features are presented in Alternatiff.


By clicking on the invoice itself, the image is enlarged according to the set zoom. Click again and the image will reach its original size


An image may be misaligned at scan time. Click any of the buttons below on the menu bar for the best picture

Copy to clipboard

If you want to copy the invoice for later use in other software, press the button:

Print invoice

To print the invoice, press the button:

Save invoice

If you want to save the invoice to your own hard drive for later use, press:

Other Settings

By right-clicking on the invoice image or  on the menu, you can make further settings.

Useful settings can, for example, be the size of zoom to be made when clicking the image via Zoom Image Size.

Send picture as attachment in e-mail

Other things that can be mentioned are the possibility of sending the invoice image as an attachment in an e-mail via the menu item Send Image. which opens a new mail in the standard e-mail program and the image is automatically inserted as an attachment.

Built-in PDF reader

In the invoice application there is a built-in PDF reader and to use this you check the option Use built-in PDF reader on the Personal settings form.

At the top of the window is a toolbar with several different functions


These buttons are used to enlarge or reduce the image


To browse pages, use the buttons

Other options

The button at the far right opens a menu

The alternatives that may be useful are:

  • Print: Print the document.
  • Download: Save the document to the hard drive and then be able to email it.
  • Go to First/Last Page: Go directly to the first / last page of the document.
  • Rotate Clockwise/Counterclockwise: Rotate the document clockwise / counterclockwise.
  • Document Properties: Displays information about the document.