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Customize windows

There are several different ways to customize the Work queue window and Invoice window to fit your way of working. The settings are personal and will be saved until the next time you open the program.

Resize areas

The different windows have gray lines between the different areas. Click and drag these lines to change the width of columns, height of lists etc.

Show/hide sections

By clicking on the icons for the different sections in the black menu column, you can choose to show or hide sections with information.

Expand/compress sections

Click this character to expand a section of information
Click this character to compress a section of information

Hide menu/Queue list

By clicking a simple arrow to the right or left you can choose to show/hide the menu and queue list.

Move queues

Click the mouse pointer on a queue and drag it up or down to place them in the order you want

Sort invoices

Click a column heading in the invoice list to sort the list by that column.