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The invoice application has special support for handling complaints.

This can be especially useful in cases where complaints can be lengthy (eg in cases that may require a type of inspection or control that will take place much later).

It is then possible to move cases from the regular flow and "park" them in a complaint queue, which means that the Invoice Exceptions Review queue is not burdened with ongoing complaint cases.

Contact us to set up the Complaint function and create a document template with your logo and footer in the Vendor's letter via our Customer Center by registering a support case in the customer portal.

Handling complaint invoices can consist of several steps that can be done in a different order depending on what is best for your way of working.

Split invoice

If the entire invoice is not relevant to the complaint, the invoice should be divided so that the part that the dispute is not about can be handled for review, approval, and update to the financial system, while the part that the dispute is about is further processed in the complaint handling. Click on to open the form for splitting invoices. Read more about this in the article Split invoice.

Create Vendor letter

The complaint handling requires that a Vendor letter is created. Click on at the top of the invoice window and a form will open to create a letter. Read more about this in the article Vendor letter.

Send Vendor Letter

The easiest way to send a Vendor letter is through the mail function found in the invoice application. Click on the envelope above the invoice image and a form to email the image will open.

Send the invoice to the Complaint queue

In order to send the invoice to the Complaint queue, a Vendor letter must be created.

Then click Forward and select the Send-option Complaint..The invoice is now sent to the group queue Complaints and stays there until you choose to forward it.

End the complaint case

When a complaint case is closed, the invoice must be sent from the complaint queue further in the flow.

  • Invoice must be canceled: send to Invoice Exceptions Review with a message, and the invoice administrator cancels the invoice.
  • The invoice must be credited: forward to review or approval with the option "The invoice must be credited" checked.
  • Invoice must be paid: if the complaint is not approved, the invoice must be sent to review or approval so that it can be posted into the financial system and be ready for payment.