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Change vendor

If an invoice has entered the flow with the wrong vendor, this can only be adjusted in New Invoice Review and Matching Error. If the invoice has come further into the flow, it must first be sent to Invoice Exceptions Review and then restarted.

Change vendor

To change the vendor on the invoice in New Invoice Review/Matching Error, open the invoice and click on the magnifying glass to the right of the VendorID field

This subform opens.

The upper fields are pre-filled with the invoice's current vendor and to change this you open the search form by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the field.

Enter one or more values for the vendor you are looking for, some of the values can also be entered together with wildcards * and %, and click Search.

In the list that appears, select the vendor you want and click OK.

Different payment recipient

If the payment recipient is different from the vendor, for example a factoring company, the lower magnifying glass is used in the same way as above.

If a vendor is incorrectly selected in this field, it can easily be removed by clicking the red button with the trash can.

When the right vendor information is selected, click OK.