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Correction of invoice information

Sometimes it may be necessary to correct information in the invoice header and this can only be done in a few stages.


If you use preliminary booking, it varies between financial systems what is allowed to be changed after an invoice is preliminary booked. Consult your financial system specialist about what is allowed for you.

New Invoice Review and Invoice Exceptions Review

The following data can be corrected in the upper part:

  • Invoice no
  • Invoice amount

Only in New Invoice Review 

  • Vendor: see the article Change vendor for more information.
  • Verification no: can only be changed if MediusGo is not linked to any business system. Controlled by the parameter AllowEditVerNo.

The Invoice Info tab:

  • Sales tax
  • Currency
  • Rate
  • Tax code
  • Reference
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Posting date

On the Other tab, the following can be corrected:

  • OCR no.
  • Linked invoice (debit/credit)
  • Arrival date
  • Order/purchase no

Review and Approval

Some information can be changed in the steps Review and Approval, but this is controlled by a number of system parameters that must be activated. these parameters can be found in the administration tool under System Configuration-System Settings, the Functions tab

Posting date

Controlled by the parameter AllowEditBookingdate, on the form you can also specify in which of the stages the posting date should be editable.

Due date

Controlled by the AllowEditDueDate parameter. If the parameter is activated, the due date can be changed in all stages.

Order number

Controlled by the parameter AllowEditOrderno, on the form you can also specify in which of the stages the order number should be editable.

Other fields

If other fields need to be changed, the invoice must be sent to Invoice Exceptions Review.