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Manual receipt for invoices in Queue for automatic steps

The Queue for automatic steps is created when installing the invoice application, and is used to present invoices that are in the workflow in a stage where the system must perform automatic processing of the invoices.

An example of such a step in the flow is when the invoices are waiting for an automatic receipt from the ERP system that the invoice has been posted correctly.

It is possible in this queue to create the posting receipt manually.


This shall only be performed in cases where the receipt has not been received from the ERP system and only after checking the invoice's accounting status in the ERP system.

Open the invoice in this queue and click on the Manual receipt button.

The following form opens:

  • Create new posting
    When selecting the alternative, the invoice is changed so that it is marked as not yet processed. This option is used when an invoice has been posted and you want to redo the posting. When the invoice is forwarded, a new posting item can then be created by the integration. Message must be specified.
  • Create approval receipt
    When selecting the alternative, a receipt is created which says that the posting went well and the invoice can continue in the flow. This option is used when an invoice has not been correctly posted by the ERP system. Message must be specified. NOTE! This only approves the invoice in MediusGo, no new receipt is sent to the ERP system!
  • Create error receipt
    When selecting the alternative, a receipt is created that says that the invoice has gone wrong and then ends up in Invoice exceptions review or in New invoice review, depending on whether it is a preliminary, final or cancellation posting. This option is used when for some reason something has gone wrong in the ERP system or in the invoice application and you want to correct it in the invoice application. Message must be specified.