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Manual registration of invoices

For smaller customers, there is a function for manual registration of invoices that can be used instead of interpretation service.

The function means that the invoices are scanned in any scanner and stored in a predefined directory on the server.

It is possible to, in the administration tool, create several queues for manual registration if, for example, you want different queues for different companies.

In the system, there is a predefined stage in the workflow called Manual invoice registration. The invoices in this step are displayed in the work queue with the same name, or in the extra queues for manual registration that have been created, one or more roles must thus be authorized for these queues.

Register invoice

Click on one of the work queues for manual invoice registration, on the right side of the work queue window is displayed information on how many scanned invoice images there are to register and how many attachments there are to link.

Click the Register button to open the registration form.

When opening the registration form, the above window is displayed, the first invoice image in the catalog with the scanned invoices is displayed automatically.

Fields for registration of invoice information

Which fields for invoice information are displayed are optional, which are to be displayed on the form are controlled via System configuration - Import - Invoice import configuration in the administration tool

To the left of each field is a check box that can be used to keep the current field information during a registration session, so values such as batch numbers, companies, etc. do not need to be entered again for each invoice.

The fields for registering an invoice can be manually configured/selected for each installation, at most the following fields can be used for manual registration of invoices:

Batch no.Enter an identity number for the scanned invoice batch. Optional but should be used to enable retrieval of the physical invoice.
Batch dateUsed to clarify the date the batch was scanned. Optional.
Batch timeUsed to clarify the time the batch was scanned. Optional.
Batch indexUsed to clarify the position of the invoice in the batch. Optional.
CompanySpecify which company is the recipient of the invoice. Only the companies in the system are shown in the list. Mandatory
CurrencySpecify the invoice currency code, used if invoicing in different currencies is from one and the same vendor.
Vendor ID 1Specify the vendor ID. Mandatory
Vendor ID 2Specify alternate vendor ID.
Vendor ID 3Specify alternate vendor ID.
Invoice no.Specify Invoice no.
Order no.Specify Order no, if there is one
Invoice dateSpecify the invoice date
Due dateSpecify the Due date of the invoice
ReferenceSpecify the reference of the invoice
Tax amountSpecify the Tax amount of the invoice
Invoice amountSpecify the Invoice amount.
Verification no.Specify invoice verification number (if this is to be assigned manually)
Order invoiceSpecify if it is an order invoice (enter 1) or not (leave empty)
Exchange rateSpecify a fixed exchange rate to apply to the invoice.

Browse between scanned invoice images

To browse forward / backward among the scanned (and not yet registered) invoice images, use the buttons above the image.

  • Clicking the < button will switch to the previous image
  • Clicking the << button means switching to the first image
  • Clicking the >> button switches to the last image
  • Clicking the > button switches to the next image

Add image

Register the information in the fields as above, to save the displayed image with current information - click the Add Image button.

The next scanned invoice image is then displayed automatically, however, the registered invoice information remains. To add the next image to the same invoice data - click the Add image button again.

Register the next invoice (new)

To register a new invoice - first click on the New invoice button and all the fields with invoice data will be cleared (except those marked in the check box first on the line).

Delete scanned image

If any of the scanned invoice images are incorrect and need to be deleted, this is done via the Delete button at the top of the page.

No more pictures to register

When the last image in the directory is registered, the following message is displayed: 

Select OK to directly import all registered invoices.

Select Cancel to complete the registration without importing the registered invoices

Import registered invoices

When all invoices are registered, they must be imported, this can either be done directly in connection with the last image being registered as above or afterward according to one of the following options:

  • Import of one invoice at a time. Importing an invoice at a time can be done by opening the invoice in the work queue for manual registration and in the invoice window that appears choose to import the invoice by clicking the Import button.
  • All invoices in the list can be imported via the Import all button that appears in the work queue.

Edit registered invoices that have not yet been imported

Invoices that are registered but not imported can be corrected, both regarding registered invoice data and which images belong to the invoice.

Open the current invoice in the work queue and select the button.

The following options are available:

  • Delete image
    Used to completely delete an image (means that the image is also deleted from the catalog of scanned invoice images and must be scanned again in order to be re-registered).
  • Delete invoice
    The measure means that the entire invoice with all images and registered basic data is removed from the system.
  • Remove image from invoice
    Used to delete single images from the registered invoice, deleted images return to the manual registration function and can be registered as new invoices, or attachments to other invoices.