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Control stages in the flow

In the administration tool, there is a function for creating rules that automatically send certain selected invoices to separate control steps in the workflow. The purpose of the control steps is to constitute an opportunity for the finance department primarily to check certain selected invoices in addition to the standard Coding/Review/Approval.

There are two control stages in the flow:

  • Control before approval: means that the invoices are controlled before they are sent for approval
  • Control after approval: means that the invoices are controlled after the approval user sent them for payment.

Which invoices that are directed to the control stages are decided based on the rules set up in the administration tool - Business Rules / Control Stages in the flow. Read more about the setup of control stages in the article Create control stages.

Recipient of invoices in control stages

Recipients of invoices in the control steps are selected when the respective rule is created. It is possible to create your own business-unique group queues for each rule. See more in the chapter Create control stages.

Control before approval

To Control before approval the invoices go when they are sent to approval or payment after review-

Edit of coding rows is possible if the system parameter AllowEditInInspect is set to Yes.

Control after approval

To Control after approval the invoices go when they are sent to payment after approval.

The ability to edit coding rows in the step can be activated via the system parameter AllowEditInApproval in the administration tool. By default, this parameter is not enabled, which means that all coding rows are locked to prevent editing.

Roles can be given permission to change coding in this stage without the approval signature disappearing, this is done on the role form, the tab Other access rights.

Send invoices from control stages

The invoices are forwarded in the same way as other stages.

  • Click the button Approve in the work queue window
  • Open the invoice and use the Forward-form
  • With Batch handling, read more about this below.

Batch handling of invoices in control stages

If there are several invoices in the stages Control before approval and Control after approval, these can be approved simultaneously via batch handling.

Click on the button below the invoice list in the work queue window called Control before approval and Control after approval and the following form will open:

Under the heading Invoices are all invoices that are in the queue. Click on one of them and the invoice coding rows will appear in the lower part of the window.

Check the box Approve on the invoices you want to approve, by double-clicking on the heading you check all rows, and then click Send.