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Click on   in the left menu column and a new tab with the search form will open.

Using the search function

Select company

Before starting the search, you must select the company/companies to which the search relates, this is done in the droplist Company on top of the page.

Check the companies you want to see and click on the cross to close the form.

Tips for selecting companies

  • Filter the list by typing in the text box.
  • Sort the list by clicking on each heading
  • Select all the companies you see by checking the checkbox next to the heading.
  • Remove all the selected choices you see by unchecking the checkbox next to the heading.

Organization of the search fields according to main headings

The following main headings are used to organize the fields that can be used for searching:

Main headingType of field
Limit the search to one year


This option is always selected when the search form is opened.

Uncheck this box if you want to search among invoices older than one year.

Show only secrecy invoicesThis box only appears if you are authorized to search for confidential invoices. Confidential invoices are shown among other invoices when you search, but by checking this box you can choose to see only confidential invoices.
FavoritesFields that the user chooses to activate as favorite fields.
Add a field to the favorites list by clicking on the star to the left of the field.
To remove a field from Favorites, click on the star to the left of the field.
Invoice header

Fields linked to the invoices at the main level.

The Label list only shows system labels if multiple companies are selected, select one company to see company-specific labels.

There is also a field for free text search on PDF invoices. For example, type "IPhone" and get all invoices where this is specified on the invoice.

AccountingFields linked to the accounting of the invoices (accounting date, verification number, etc.).
Document dataFields related to the basic invoice voucher/document (batch number, etc).
RolesFields related to the users who processed the invoice (reviewed, approved).
When searching for a specific agent, the user's signature is used.
CodingFields related to how the invoices are coded, i.e. the different dimensions of the coding string. NOTE! It is only possible to search several companies at a time if they have the same coding string.
Invoice statusOptions for the status of the invoice.
Custom statusAdditional options for the status of the invoice. The options in this drop-down list are created under Search filter in the administration tool, if no options are created, the drop-down list is not visible.

Enter search conditions

  • The search is done by entering values for the known fields. One or more field values in combination can be entered.
  • "Wildcards" can be used and are entered as * or % symbolizing one or more unknown characters.
    For example, all invoices from a particular supplier where only part of the supplier name is known can be searched as follows: *Shell*.
    The search will list all invoices from suppliers whose names contain Shell.
  • To search for split invoices, type *[_]* in the invoice number field.
  • If the search requires that a field must not contain a value, this can be specified by entering a minus sign in the field.
  • Clear all fields by clicking under the Company drop-down list.

Exclude values

If you want to exclude certain values when searching, for example you want to see invoices from a vendor but not from a certain date range. 

Click on the grey symbol after the field name and the symbol changes color  to indicate that the field values are excluded.

Viewing search results

Once you have entered the search criteria, click on the Search button under the Company drop-down list.

The search results are displayed on the right side of the screen in the form of a list:

Summary of search results

At the top of the screen, a summary of the search results is displayed:

  • Total number of invoices in the search result
  • Invoice amount incl. VAT in local currency (for all invoices in the search result)
  • Invoice amount excl. VAT in local currency (for all invoices in the search result)
  • VAT amount in local currency (for all invoices in the search result)

Columns presenting invoices in the search results

The columns to be displayed in the search results are selected on the Settings page, which is accessed via an icon in the black column.

Number per page

Under the invoice list, it is possible to select how many invoices should be displayed in the list and browse between these pages.

Select the number in the drop-down list, if there are more invoices in the queue, the arrows used to scroll between pages are activated.

Addressee for multiple simultaneous recipients

If there are several recipients on the invoice in the current step, the value More is displayed.

By clicking or placing the mouse cursor over this value, users who have the invoice are displayed.

Open invoice

  • Choose to open the desired invoice by clicking on the relevant line.
  • Choose to view the desired invoice image by clicking on the relevant line.
  • All invoice information can be displayed/read on the opened searched invoice, depending on the settings some information can be edited.
  • Browse between the invoices in the search results using the arrows at the top of the invoice window.

Export search results

It is possible to export all or part of the search results, the images to a PDF, and the invoice information to an Excel file.

Read more about this in the article Export search results.