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Dashboard - Invoice

The Invoice tab contains graphs show invoices in process, your largest vendors and statistics on the automation of your invoice flow.

At the top of the page, you can choose which companies you want to see and whether you want to show all invoices or distinguish between order and cost invoices.

All graphs can be clicked on to open a list of the invoices, the list can then be exported in the same way as the search results.

The graphs on the tab Invoice are:

Approaching due date

Here you can view invoices by due date.

Choose the number of days forward you want to see.

The graphs show the amount for each date, if different default currencies are used in the selected companies, one graph/currency is displayed.

Assigned invoices

The chart shows the users who have invoices in their queue and the stage they are in. 

Filter the list by typing in the text box.

Send reminder to users

Here it is also possible to send a reminder to the users in the list. 

Tick the users you want to send to and click on

Write a message and click on Send.

Invoices in stage

The chart Invoices in stage shows how many invoices are in each stage of the process.

Top vendors

  1. Select the number of vendors you want to see statistics on
  2. Choose whether the figures should be based on the number of invoices or amounts
  3. Select the date period you want to see


Percentage of invoices automatically coded. Click on the graph to see statistics for different companies and vendors.


Percentage of invoices automatically distributed to the correct reviewer/approver.

Click on the graph to see statistics for different companies and vendors.

If you use control steps in your workflow, the figures may seem to be a little misleading. This is because the control step counts as manual handling of the invoice and the invoices do not go directly to the approver.


Percentage of invoices that have passed through the invoice flow without manual handling. This means that the invoice is coded via coding suggestions and has not stopped in manual steps such as New invoice review, control before approval or control after approval.

Click on the graph to see statistics for different companies and vendors.