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Invoice image

The invoice image is displayed in several places in the application, all of which can be hovered over to display a menu in the lower part of the image.

  • Zoom: The three buttons on the left are used to zoom in, zoom out and return to normal size.
  • Number of documents: The numbers indicate the number of documents linked to the invoice, i.e. the invoice and any appendices. Use the arrows to switch between documents. A document can consist of several pages, in which case you have to scroll down the image to see the next page.
  • Print: Used to print the displayed document. 
  • Download: Used to download the displayed document. 
  • Email the image: Used to send the image to someone else. NOTE! This option is only available in the Invoice window.
    A new form opens:The documents belonging to the invoice are displayed on the left. Check the ones you want to include in the email.
    Click on a file name in the list and the image will appear in the center of the form.
    Fill in the recipient, change any subject, and write a message.
    Then click on Send.
    A system message will be created on the invoice and the icon will turn blue.
  • Rotate: Used to rotate the invoice image.