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The General section of the invoice window can be shown/hidden by clicking onin the small menu on the right.

To expand/minimize the section, click on the buttons.

This section collects information such as:

Invoice idInternal ID for the invoice in the MediusGo database. Set automatically when importing an invoice.
ERP transaction no.Any serial number of the invoice assigned by the financial system.
Previous verification no.Previous verification number assigned to the invoice in the previous booking (e.g. in case of pre-booking).
Latest verification no.Last assigned verification number of the invoice (if several different series exist for preliminarily posting/final posting).
Arrival dateDate when the invoice arrived in the system.
Import dateThe date the invoice was imported into MediusGo.
Preliminarily posted, Final postedThis is the date when each posting transaction was created for transfer to the financial system.
PaidDate when the invoice was paid. Transferred in existing cases via the integration from the financial system.