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Invoice information

At the top of the Invoice window is the invoice header which contains information about the invoice.

To expand/decrease the section, click on.

Fälten är redigerbara i olika steg beroende på hur systemet är konfigurerat. Read more about this in the article Corrrection of invoice information

Invoice no.Interpreted or registered invoice number. Adjustable in New invoice review.
Invoice amountTotal amount of the invoice in the transaction currency.
Sales taxVAT amount of the invoice.
AmountThe total gross amount of the invoice converted to the default currency of the system.
Vendor's nameAdjustable in New invoice review. To change the vendor, start typing the vendor name to be used in the box and select from the list that appears. Read more in the article Change vendor.
Click on  to show the information about the vendor in your vendor register.
Vendor IDThe identity number of the vendor.
CurrencyCurrency of the invoice.
Exchange rateThe exchange rate for the current currency in relation to the system's default currency.
ReferenceThe reference value is intended to provide a link to the person who is the purchaser of the goods/services to which the invoice relates. The reference value can be a personal name or another value that is linked via the administration tool's reference register to one or more users in the system. When sending an invoice from New invoice review to coding/review, the system automatically suggests the user corresponding to the value in the reference field.
Invoice dateVendor's date for issuing the invoice.
Due dateDate when invoice must be paid.
Posting dateDate on which the invoice was posted.
OCR noInterpreted or registered OCR number from the invoice. Adjustable in New Invoice Review, then the field is locked for editing.
Verification no.Verification number from the financial system, assigned after the invoice has been sent from New invoice review to the user for coding/review/approval.
ERP transaction no.Possible serial number of the invoice assigned by the financial system.
CompanyReceiving company for the invoice. In case of a wrong legal entity, the invoice must be invalidated and restarted.
Order no.Scanned/interpreted order number on the invoice. The field is editable in Matching error.
Linked invoiceIf the invoice is linked to another invoice (debit/credit), the invoice number of the linked invoice is presented in this field. See further in the chapter Credit memo and link credit-debit invoices