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Chart of accounts


The chart of accounts is always read over from the ERP system with which the invoice application is integrated. The ERP system is considered the owner of this information and editing of accounts must therefore always be performed in the ERP system to avoid duplicate administration and unsynchronized registers.

The Chart of Accounts function in the administration tool is therefore primarily for the purpose of displaying the imported information, and not to change the information.

However, under the administration tool's main menu Base register and submenu Chart of accounts, there is functionality to:

  • Add accounts
  • Change information on accounts
  • Delete accounts.

View Accounts

To view a specific account, you must first select the status of the account to be displayed:

  • All accounts
  • Active accounts
  • Inactive accounts

Since the chart of accounts often contains thousands of accounts, you should, in order to get faster response times, limit the number displayed.

To do this, enter the value or description of the account you want to manage and then tap View.

Search can also be done by using so-called "Wildcards", which correspond to part of a text string. In the example (picture below) it says '3 *' in the value box, which means that all accounts that have a value starting with 3 are displayed in the list when the View button is pressed.

Account values displayed in the list can be sorted in ascending and descending order by column by clicking on the respective heading.

Add new Accounts

Use the New button to open the form for setting up new accounts.

ValueValue/number of the account
DescriptionDescription of the account
Date fromThe account is active (can be coded on) from the specified date.
Date toThe account is active (can be coded on) up to and including the specified date.
ActiveIf the account can be coded on. You can set up accounts in advance before they are to be used. The values are filled in but the Active check box is not filled in. The check box is checked only when you want to activate the new account.
Accr. accountIf the account is an accrual account. Accounts marked as accrual accounts are displayed as an optional account in the drop-down list of the accrual form.
Tax accountIf the account is a tax account.
Fixed asset accountIf the account is a fixed asset account.
Account's object maskFor each coding dimension, enter here whether the current account is 'Forbidden' (may not be filled in), 'Forced' (must be filled in) or has an 'Optional' (can be filled in, can be left blank) relation to the dimension.

When all the information about the account is entered, the information is saved by clicking the Save button.

Change existing Account

Changes to accounts are made by clicking on an account in the main window.

A form similar to the one that appears in the 'New account' is displayed with all the account information filled in.

Change the desired information in the selected account and save the information with the Save button.

Delete existing Account

To delete an account, select and open the account from the list in the main window. Then select the Delete button.