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Add new vendor


The vendor register is always read from the ERP system with which the invoice application is integrated. The ERP system is considered the owner of this information and editing of vendor information should therefore always be carried out in the ERP system to avoid duplicate administration and unsynchronized registers.

Therefore, the Vendor function in the administration tool is mainly for the purpose of displaying the imported information, and not changing the information. However, there is support in the administration tool for both editing and deleting vendors, as well as adding new vendors.

Add a new vendor


As mentioned above, changes to vendor information should normally be made in the ERP system.

Vendors added here will not be transferred to the ERP system.

To add a new vendor directly to the administration tool vendor register, select the main menu Base register and the sub-option Vendors-Vendors and then the button  . The following form will be displayed:

Type of duplicate controlUsed to specify whether the vendor uses the same invoice number on the invoices and how often they arrive.
Tax codeUsed to link a predefined Tax code to a vendor if needed, see further on Tax codes under the help section for this.
FactoringUsed to indicate that this is a factoring company.
PurchasingUsed to indicate that invoices from this vendor are PO invoices
ConfidentialUsed to indicate that invoices from this vendor are to be marked confidential

Fill in the information and choose save to add the new vendor to the vendor register.

The first invoice from a new vendor is marked with the label New vendor.

View/edit/delete vendor

All vendors in the installation are listed in the Base Register/Vendors menu. Search for a vendor can be done via VendorID, Vendor's name, or Vendor number 1-4, search can be done on all or part of the respective concepts, (* or % used as wildcard). When searching without specifying values, all vendors are listed.

When the list is filled with vendors, sorting can be done in ascending and descending order by clicking on the respective heading. 

  • To view and/or edit information on a vendor and delete vendor, open the vendor by clicking on it in the list.
    All information on the vendor can be edited here, save the changes by clicking the Save button.
  • To remove the vendor completely from the vendor register - click the Delete button.