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Object relations

Under the main menu Business rules in the administration tool you find the option Object relations that is used for creating object relations in addition to those in the Chart of accounts.

There are three types of rules:

  • Forbidden relations
  • Imperative relations
  • Suggestive relations

Create Object relations

Click the button New at the top of the page to open the form to create new object relations.

The form shown is divided into upper and lower halves, in between there are three alternative types of rules that the objects can be chosen to have.

  1. At the top, first choose which object is to be controlling, and state Value from and Value to for this.
  2. Select relationship type (Forbids, Forces, Suggests) under Options.
  3. Then select in the lower part which object should be controlled and which values should apply to this.
    If there are controlling object values that have several forbidden or mandatory values that are not within the same range, several rules are created with the same controlling object values.
    If you select the relationship type 'Suggest', only one value can be specified in the lower part. ('Value from' and 'Value to' must be equal)
  4. Specify the validity period and whether the rule should be active or inactive.
  5. Save the information by clicking the Save button.

View Object relations

Go to the main menu Business rules, the Object relations option and click View to list all object relations in the installation.

The list can be filtered in three ways:

  • Category
  • Object value
  • Value from

The values of the object relations shown in the list can be sorted in ascending and descending order by column by clicking on the respective heading.

Edit/Delete object relations

  • To change an object relation, select and open the rule from the list on the page Object relations. Change the desired information on the selected rule and save the information with the Save button.
  • To delete an object relation, select and open the rule from the list on the page Object relations. Then click the Delete button.