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Agreement invoices

Under the administration tool's main menu Business rules you will find the menu item Agreement invoices. The purpose of the Agreement invoices function is to enable more rational handling of recurring invoices where there is an underlying agreement that regulates the incoming invoices regarding vendor, amount, frequency, etc.

It is possible to completely rationalize the handling of the contract invoices so that no administrator needs to process them if they meet the criteria set for the contract.

Alternatively, e.g. the invoices that match the criterion are sent to a recipient in any stage of control.

Create a new definition for Agreement invoice

To create a new Agreement invoice definition use the New button and the following form will be displayed:


The fields under the heading Definition of the form have the following function:

VendorUsed to indicate which vendor the agreement definition refers to. Select by clicking and searching for the vendor in the underlying search form. Required.
ReferenceUsed to indicate possible reference that the agreement invoices are marked with. % and * can be used as wildcards to cover multiple variants.
Invoice numberUsed to indicate if the agreement invoices have a consistent invoice number.
Amount fromUsed to enter the minimum expected amount (gross) on the agreement invoices. The amount is stated in the currency of the invoice. Required.
Amount toUsed to specify the upper amount limit (gross) that the agreement invoices are expected to have. The amount is stated in the currency of the invoice. Required.
DaysUsed to specify how many days should pass between two agreement invoices, i.e. frequency of invoices. Required.
Cumulative amountUsed to indicate, if necessary, accumulated amount for all invoices that pass and that meet the agreement definition. When the sum of the invoices that have passed has exceeded this amount, subsequent invoices will no longer be processed automatically as defined. The amount is stated in the currency of the invoice.
Cumulative totalUsed to present the accumulated sum for all invoices that have passed the system according to the current agreement definition. The button to the right of this field can be used to reset the accumulated sum.


Under the heading Instruction, you specify what you should happen with incoming invoices that fulfill the contract definition.

Coding templateIn the drop-down list, you can select either an existing coding template to be applied to the invoice, or via the button New create a new coding template for the current agreement definition. Note that you also have to code tax. Required. Read more in the chapter Create and delete Coding templates.
Approval signatureThe approval signature to be placed on the invoice coding rows, selected via the search button to the right of the approval signature field. All users linked to the company in question are eligible. Required unless a flow template is used.
Flow templateOptional field to choose whether a specific flow template should be applied for the current agreement invoice. If no flow template is specified, all invoices that completely match the definition will be automatically sent directly to final posting. Read more in the section Flow templates
StageIf a flow template is selected, a stage must also be selected in the template, to which an invoice can be sent the furthest if the invoice matches the flow template completely.

View/Edit/Delete existing Agreement invoice definitions

Open the Agreement invoices menu item under the main Business Rules menu and click the View button to list any existing agreement definitions in the system.

  • To edit an existing definition for an Agreement invoice, click it in the list, change the values to be changed, and click Save.
  • To remove an existing definition for an Agreement invoice, click it in the list and click Delete.