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Invoice references

By Invoice reference is meant the field Reference on the invoice, ie. information that normally indicates which person made the order to which the invoice relates. As a value in the reference field, personal names (first and last names) are often used, but also completely different values such as project numbers, delivery addresses etc. can occur. 

The menu item Business rules - Invoice references - Reference register in the administration tool is used to manage the connection between the reference values and their corresponding addressees in the workflow.

Create new reference

Use the button at the top of the page to open the form to create a new reference.

Create default addressing for selected companyChecked in to create an address that applies to all invoices within the current company that do not have a matching reference. This requires that the UseIncReg parameter is disabled.
Invoice referenceSpecifies the current reference value to be linked. % and * can be used as a wildcard to cover several variants.
DescriptionHere, the reference value can be described/clarified.
Arrival registration queueAll invoices that match the current reference will go to the specified queue for arrival registration (if the system is configured for this)
Coding queueAll invoices that match the current reference will go to the specified queue for coding (if the system is configured for this).
Time limit queueSpecifies whether a specific queue for past due invoices should be applied to all invoices with the current reference (if the system is configured for this).
Copy queueIt is stated here whether the invoice reference should direct the invoice to a specific copy queue.
Review usersAll invoices that match the current reference will be given to the users who are added to the Selected review users list as proposed recipients when sending to the Review stage. If the system automatically addresses the invoice, it works the same way. When searching the lists, so-called wildcards are used to search for all references beginning with one or more letters. * or % can be entered as wildcard characters.

When all reference information is entered, the data is saved by clicking the Save button.

Save references in the invoice application

When an invoice is sent from New Invoice Review, there is a check box on the Forward form, to match the invoice reference with the recipient selected on the form. This link is then added to the Reference Register.

View/Edit/Delete Invoice References

Under the menu Business rules - Invoice references - Reference register, a list of all references in the system is displayed.

The references shown in the list can be sorted in ascending and descending order by column by clicking on the respective heading.

If there are more than 100 references in the company, buttons with intervals are displayed at the bottom of the list.

Click on the buttons to switch between the different lists.

Open the form to edit the existing reference by clicking on the reference in the list. The same form is displayed as when creating a new reference, but with all the information for the current reference completed. Add or change desired information to the reference and save the data with a click of the Save button.

To remove a reference, open the reference from the reference list, then click the Delete button. Confirm that the reference is deleted with OK. The reference is then removed from the system.