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Tax Codes

The Tax codes function is used to define different Tax codes that can be used by the system.

The reason for using Tax codes can be several, either that the ERP system requires application and transfer of Tax codes when posting vendor invoices, that industry-specific requirements exist such as reverse tax reporting obligations in the construction industry, or general requirements such as EU tax accounting. 

The purpose of the function in the invoice application is to simplify the handling of invoices where tax codes are required.

The tax codes can also be linked to a tax distribution, and they can be stated per vendor and on the invoice (main level and row level). Read more in the chapter Tax distribution.

An example of effect/functionality when using tax codes is that an invoice whose vendor has a linked tax code receives a coding suggestion for tax according to the tax distribution automatically created in connection with import.

Click the View button to list the Tax codes stored in the system.

Create new Tax code

Use the New button to open the form for registration of a new Tax code, the following form is displayed:

Enter the Name and Description of the Tax code.

The Default check box is used to define which Tax code is the default to use and applies to invoices imported into the system.

Edit or delete existing Tax code

First, show all Tax codes that are registered and then open the current Tax code by clicking on the row.

  • Change Name/Description/Default and click Save to update an existing Tax code.
  • Click Delete to delete an existing Tax code.