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Values - Indicators and Calculators

This option is part of the function for taxes and fees in the invoice application. In order to use this function, the parameters UseTAFHead and/or UseTAFRows under System configuration - System settings - Functions must be activated. 

For a more detailed description of the setup of Taxes and Fees, see the chapter Setup of Taxes and Fees.

Create new Indicators and Calculators

Use the New button to open the form to create a new Indicator/Calculator, the following form is displayed:

Enter the Name, Description and External name of the object.

Select which Object to use, the ones that are selectable are those created under the Columns - Indicators and Calculators option.

Calculator object

A calculator object is what creates the automatically generated lines in the invoice application and therefore some more things must be specified on these.

Select or create the Coding template from which the auto-generated lines should be based. The same template can be used by several calculators.

Specify whether the template is to be based on the invoice's Tax percentage, if not specify the percentage to be used in the Percent field.

Example: If the calculator is to be used for 6% Tax, the coding template must contain a Coding row for 100% deductible Tax, choose not to use the invoice's Tax percentage and enter 6 in the field Percent.

View existing Indicators and Calculators

Open the menu item Object register under the main menu System configuration - Taxes and fees and click on View, and a list like the example below is displayed:

Edit/Delete an existing Indicator/Calculator

Open the form to change the existing Indicator/Calculator by clicking on the line in the list on the main form. The same form is displayed as when setting up a new Indicator/Calculator, with all the information for the current object filled in.

  • Add or change the desired information on the item and save the information with the Save button.
  • Click Delete to delete the item.