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Columns - Indicators and Calculators

This option is part of the function for taxes and fees in the invoice application. In order to use this function, the parameters UseTAFRows and/or UseTAFHead under System configuration - System settings - Functions must be activated. 

Create a new column

Use the New button to open the form to create a new column, the following form is displayed:

Enter Name and Description for the column. Also, select Object number and if the dimension is a Calculator or not, then click Save.

View existing Columns

Open the Columns - Indicators and Calculators menu item under the System Configuration - Taxes and Fees main menu and click View and a list like the example below is displayed:

Edit/Delete an existing column

Open the form to change an existing column by clicking on the row in the list on the main form. The same form is displayed as when setting up a new column, with all the information for the current column filled in.

Add or change the desired information and save the information with the Save button.

Click Delete to delete the column.