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Email the invoice image

Sometimes it can be necessary to send the invoice image to someone else, this is done simply by clicking on the icon with the envelope above the invoice image. 

A form is then opened to email the invoice image to any recipient.

The form consists of three parts:

  • To the left is a list of the invoice images and attachments that belong to the invoice. To add the image to the email, check the box to the left of the file name.
  • To see the image, click on the row in the list and the image will then appear in the middle of the form.
  • To the right of the form is the email part itself. Fill in recipients, change, if necessary, the proposed subject line and write a message. Then click Send.

When the email is sent, a system message is created on the invoice that tells you that the image has been sent, when and to whom and the envelope will turn blue.