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Split invoice

If an invoice is to be paid in part, it is possible to divide it into several invoices.

First, go to the Administration Tool, the menu item System configuration - System settings, the Functions tab. Locate the UseInvoiceSplit parameter and set it to Yes.

The feature is now available in the stages review, approval and Invoice exceptions review.

Split invoice

Open the invoice you want to split and click the buttonat the top of the page.

The following form will be opened:

The original invoice cost, tax and due date can be found in the grey line above the text fields and the remaining amounts are automatically counted down to the line below.

To split the invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Write a message.
  2. Enter the amount of the new invoice.
  3. Change the tax if needed.
  4. Change the due date if needed.
  5. Create the same number of rows as new invoices.
  6. Click OK.

If tax has changed, this must be confirmed:

The Split invoice icon will be highlighted in red to indicate that a split has been made.

To remove the split, click the icon and select Delete

Then send the invoice to Invoice Exceptions Review for further processing.

Complete split

In the Invoice Exceptions Review, the split is completed, which means that the original invoice is canceled and several smaller sub-invoices, with new case and invoice numbers are created.

Create split

To create the split, click Forward. The only option available is Cancel and split the invoice, write a message, click OK

  • The original invoice is canceled with the system message that the invoice is split and the new invoice id of the sub invoices
  • The sub invoices, for the number equal to the number of rows on the split form, go to Incoming invoices with the original invoice number + the suffix _1, _2 etc.
  • The status message on the sub-invoices indicates how many sub-invoices have been created and the original invoice invoice id. The partial invoices are then forwarded in a normal flow.