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Invoice messages are displayed in the Message section of the Work-queue window and Invoice window and are written in the Message section of the Invoice window. 

These sections can be displayed/hidden by clicking on the icon  in the black menu column.

The number of existing user messages is indicated in the red circle next to the header and the number of system messages in the blue circle:

The blue messages on the left are information text from the system and the yellow messages on the right are information from users in previous invoice stages.

The latest system message is also displayed in the invoice information in the queue New Invoice Review.

Create new message

If you want to write a message to future recipients of the invoice, do this in the box under the heading Create new message and then click the Add button. The new message is then placed at the top of the list of messages. To the text, the system adds information about the date and who wrote the message. The text is logged and cannot be deleted.