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Mail to our support

If you have problems with a specific invoice, either values that have been misinterpreted or some other error, click this button  above the invoice information and a form will open to send an email directly to our support. The button is only visible to invoice administrators.

Start by choosing between creating a support case or reporting capturing errors.

If you choose to create a support ticket, an email form opens with some invoice details pre-filled

Describe the problem as accurately as you can, if it concerns coding/approval, indicate which row it concerns, what you want to do, and any error message on the row. Then click on Send.

You will receive a confirmation email of the ticket.

If you select the Report error with capturing option, another form opens where you select the fields it is about and write a comment for each field. No confirmation will be sent out.

Whichever option you choose, the envelope button will turn blue and the letter will be saved as a system message.