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Coding templates

Coding templates can be used to simplify the coding of regularly recurring invoices.

The coding templates can be created directly when processing an invoice or via the administration tool. 

Using Coding templates

Type template in the account field and a list of existing templates appears, select a template and tab to the next field or press enter and the template's coding rows will be used and the current invoice's amount will be distributed according to the distribution contained in the template.

To use a template on the remaining amount, type template in the account field on the bottom row and select template from the list. The remaining amount will then be distributed according to the template.

NOTE! There must be an amount to allocate on the row for the list of templates to be displayed.

If there is an incorrect coding suggestion on the invoice, the row needs to be marked and deleted before the template can be applied, it is not enough to delete the existing value.

Template on part of an amount

If you want to use a template on a specific amount, i.e. not the whole or the remaining part, proceed as follows:

  1. Change the amount in the amount field to the amount you want to use, either by typing directly or using the calculator in the field.
  2. Go back to the account field and select the template as described above.

Create Coding templates

  1. Open an invoice and code it the way you want the template to look.
  2. Check the box of the rows to be included in the template.
  3. Click on the Select row activity drop-down list and select the Create template option. 

A form opens where you see the rows you selected with a percentage distribution of the amounts.

  1. Enter a name for the template
  2. Select whether the template should be avaliable only to you or to all users. Authorization to create templates for all users is set on the role form. 
  3. If necessary, adjust the percentages and type on the rows, these row types are available:
    • Cost: % rate of the net amount of the invoice.
    • Tax charged to expenses: % rate of the VAT amount of the invoice charged to the cost account
    • Deductible tax: % rate of the Tax amount of the invoice charged to the Tax account
    • Reverse tax: % rate of the net amount of the invoice, if this line type is used two lines should be added, one debit and one credit.
  4. Click OK to save.

Templates can also be created and deleted in the Administration tool, read more about it in the article Coding templates in the administration tool.