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Use coding from previous invoice

When coding, it can be useful to use a coding proposal that has been used on the same vendor but on a previous occasion.

There are two options for doing this:

Write in the account field

One way is to type Previous in the account field and then tab or press enter and the coding from the last final posted invoice is copied.

Copy coding

The second way is to expand the Previous invoices section of the invoice window. The invoices displayed here are controlled by your search rights, so it may vary between users which invoices are displayed. By default, the system displays the last 20 final posted invoices from the current vendor.

If you cannot see the Previous Invoices section, click onin the small menu on the right.

  • Click on  to view the invoice image
  • Click on the blue Invoice number to open the invoice.
  • To view the coding rows, click on  to the left of the invoice you want to retrieve coding from or click anywhere on the line.

Press the Copy coding button and the coding rows from the previous invoice will be copied to the current invoice, the current invoice's invoice amount will be distributed as a percentage in the same way as the previous invoice.