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Splitting multi-page files

If several invoices are in the same file, it may be necessary to split them into separate files for each invoice. This is easily done using the Split function.

When you open a multi-page file in the Verification Queue, the Split button appears in the top right corner

The pages in the file are displayed next to each other

If all pages are separate invoices, click on Split all

If some pages belong together, use the arrows to scroll to where the separation should be made and click on Split.

When the pages are separated, this is indicated by a larger space between the images, and the buttons changing names to Merge all and Merge.

To merge separated pages, click Merge.

When the file is split the way you want it, click on Confirm in the top right corner.

The original file is deleted and the invoices are loaded again as separate files.

You will see the separated invoices in the Verification queue after a few minutes.