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Administration of PO matching


The basic settings for PO matching in the invoice application are made when setting up the system and should not be changed without first contacting our customer center by registering a support case in the customer portal

Settings for PO matching are divided under several pages in the administration tool.

  • Activation of PO matching, how the matching should take place, rules for coding etc. can be found under System configuration-System settings-Purchasing integration
  • The columns that should be visible on the article row tab in the invoice window and on the Search order form can be found under System configuration-Import-Purchasing integration
  • Regulations linked to the integration, eg control of order number, are displayed under System configuration-Integration configuration

Other settings that can be made after installation:

Cash rounding

If a difference arises during the matching that is less than one unit in the current currency (eg less than SEK 1), this can be automatically coded by the system. For this to work, a coding suggestion must be set up at company level that is of the row type Öre roundning.

Read more about how to set up coding suggestions in the chapter Coding suggestions.


Deviations within certain limits can be automatically coded through settings as follows:

Activate the system parameters MatchOrderInvoiceAmount and enter there the maximum permitted deviation in currency units and percentages, eg 5% of the invoice amount, however, a maximum of 50 currency units and UseMarkupAllocation to decide that deviations should be coded as a markup.

Some ERP systems also require UseOrderAllocation to be enabled.

In addition, a coding suggestion is also created for companies with the row type Markup in the same way as under the heading Cash rounding above.


It is possible to specify users as buyers and invoices can then be sent to their personal queue with the status Buyer.

Go to Organisation - Queues - Queues.

Select Show personal queues and click View

Click on the queue whose users are to be buyers

Select the Buyer (CheckArticle) step and click the right arrow.

Click Save.

In the invoice application, the Purchaser option will now be available on the Send form

The person who is the buyer of an order is then automatically proposed as the recipient.


It is possible to mark vendors as purchasing vendors and invoices from these then enter the order flow even if there is no order number on the invoice. To set this up, follow these steps:

Go to Base Register - Vendors - Vendors and open the form for the current vendor. Then select the Purchasing check box and click Save.


The Queues Matching error (CheckOrder) and Await delivery queues are used for order matching and these are normally set up when installing the system.

They are set up as regular queues with the difference that they must have two selected steps that are called the same, but the step with a lowercase letter applies to the automation the system uses and the one with a capital letter is the manual step where the invoices are sent via the Send form.

Read more about how to set up queues in the chapter Queues.