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General information about order invoices

Invoices can be sent to match either if they have been interpreted with article rows or with a purchase order number in the invoice head. What determines whether an invoice is to be regarded as an order invoice is set up by system parameters in the administration tool.

Order number that is interpreted is presented in the invoice head on an opened invoice:

It is possible to install a control in the system to ensure that the interpreted value meets the requirements to be a valid purchase order number, e.g. in the form that it is 7 characters long and begins with the prefix "PO" ex. PO12345. The control is called OrderNoMasks and whether it is entered or not is stated in the administration tool under System configuration - Integration configuration. If the check of the order number exists and an invoice is received that does not meet the conditions, it will be imported as a cost invoice and displayed in the queue New invoice Review.

Correctly identified order invoice is normally presented in one of the queues Check Order or Await Delivery.

Edit the order number in the invoice head

If an invoice has an incorrectly interpreted order number or if the order number on the invoice image has not been interpreted at all, this can be registered manually via the Other tab in the invoice head.

Correct/enter the purchase order number, if the invoice contains several orders, the order numbers are separated by a comma, then save via the Save button in the top menu bar and the Order/purchase no. field in the invoice head is updated.

Item rows

On an order invoice, there are two tabs in the lower part of the invoice window, one for coding rows and one for item rows. The columns that appear on the article rows tab are based on the purchasing system used and determined in the administration tool (System Configuration-Import-Purchasing Integration-Article row invoice) when setting up the system.

To get more information about an article, you can double-click on the row. Then the form Search order opens with more columns, which columns are displayed based on which purchasing system is used and determined in the administration tool (System configuration-Import-Purchasing integration-Article row order) when setting up the system.

If an order invoice has been incorrectly imported to New invoice review

If an order invoice has ended up in New invoice review because the format of the order number is incorrect or the order number is missing and you want to move it to Check order, do the following:

  1. Enter/correct the order number according to the above description and save the invoice.
  2. Forward the invoice and select Check against purchase order as the send option at the top of the form. A message must be provided as to the reason for moving the invoice to the order matching flow.
  3. Forward the invoice by clicking the OK button.

When the order invoice is restarted, it undergoes automatic matching and is presented in one of the queues Check order or Await delivery.

If a cost invoice has been incorrectly imported to Check order

In the same way as above, possibly edit the purchase order number in the invoice header according to above and forward the invoice, select Cost flow on the forward form. A message must be given of the reason for the invoice being moved to the cost flow. Then send by clicking the OK button.