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Await delivery

The work queue Await delivery can be activated in the administration tool for order invoices whose purchase order has not yet been delivered. If there are several different item rows, the condition is that none of these has been delivered.

You do not need to open and do anything active with these invoices but they automatically undergo renewed control/matching and when delivery has taken place on the order in the purchasing system and this has been updated to the invoice application, the invoice automatically goes either, depending on how the system is configured to the queue Matching error for manual control or for payment.

Move invoice manually to Await delivery

If an order invoice that has been imported and presented in the Matching error queue is found to be partial without deliveries (all item rows to which the invoice relates are not delivered), the invoice can be sent to Await delivery manually.

Click Send, and select Await delivery. Then click OK.

Time limit for invoices in Await delivery

Invoices that are placed manually or automatically in the queue Await delivery are given a time limit that is set with the system parameter DeadlineDeliveryWait which is found under System configuration - System settings - Purchasing integration. When this time limit has been passed without the invoice being able to be matched against a delivery, the invoice is automatically moved to the queue Matching error.