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Register documents with deadline

By defining a field of the type Date (deadline) and linking it to a category or document type, the document can be archived with a deadline date that generates a reminder.

Examples of application are when archiving various forms of agreements which run over a certain period of time and must be renewed/renegotiated or terminated within a certain time before the end date.

Registration of documents with deadline date field

When registering documents where fields of the Date (deadline) type occur, a black envelope is displayed next to the field.

Register the current end date of the document and then click on the letter symbol showing the following form:

MessageHere is the message to be displayed in the reminder email sent out by the system.
Mail receiverSelectable recipients who are users of the Contract application are listed here, add new recipients by selecting them in this list and double-click or click the> button.
Selected mail receiversThe selected recipients of the reminder email are listed here.
External mail receiversHere you can enter email addresses for recipients who are not users of the Contract application. Multiple receivers can be specified with a semicolon (;) as a separator.
Number of daysHere is how many days in advance the reminder will be sent out.

When the reminder email is created, the envelope at the field turns white.

Recipient of reminder

When an email has been sent to a user in the Contract application, the name, description and deadline date for the current document are displayed on the user's main menu window.

Select the document you want to view and then click View to open the document to which the reminder applies.

To delete the document from the list, select it and click the Make a receipt button or the Refresh button.

To delete multiple documents at once, open the documents, make your changes, save and close. When you have gone through the documents you want, click Refresh and these documents will disappear from the list.